Again the shop of »Herbert Koitzsch Ofenbaumeister«. Today second window: Kunstkeramik. The shop is always dark, in the windows are strange things and strange prices printed on neongreen little stickers and sticked just straight on top of the products. The owner must be an old woman. Maybe the shop is her last remembering on old […]


Forgotten Letters: Somebody used old signs for repairing the »schuppen« [shelter].


Good typography [and watchdesign]: Nomos Glashütte

Glashütte Watches, Germany

Glashütte/Sa is the German town of watches. Time here is going different than in other cities. Too bad i missed this event…

3:00 PM, Glashütte

This was the production building of GUB – a famous watch company in East Germany. The building is dead since 1980. You can buy it.